[ faq ]

Q] what style of martial arts are all these tricks from?
A] theres no real traditional style here really, all these moves are adapted from a bunch of styles, including tae kwon do, wushu, capoeira, and so on..

Q] how long does it take to learn these moves?
A] it really depends on the person. if you've had no real experience with martial arts you may find that it'll take you quite a while, but for some people who have been doing martial arts for a long time, picking up moves can be really fast. i think when kelly started out with tricks, he already had 9 years of experience with martial arts, and so he picked up 540, aerial, butterfly twist, doubleleg, and backflip in maybe 6 months..? me on the other hand, i started with about 5 years of experience, and it took me about a year and a half to learn all that..

Q] how should i start out learning tricks?
A] the most important thing is to practice your basics, so you have good form and technique.. aside from that, just start off with a "gateway" trick like 540, and build from that.. aerial, twist, doubleleg, backflip, and then variations. once you learn more stuff your confidence level goes up and you'll find it a lot easier to attempt the harder tricks that you thought were impossible before..

Q] how do i become flexible?
A] it takes a while to become flexible, but if you stretch everyday and keep at it, you'll see improvement sooner than you think. i think it took me a year of stretching everyday to get left and right splits, and half a year from then on to get center splits..

Q] how do i jump higher?
A] it depends, for some people, the only way they get higher on moves is by practicing and learning different ways to get momentum and throw your body. if you're like that then you should just go out and keep practicing, and eventually, you'll naturally be able to get higher on all your moves.. for other people, exercises help.. calf raises in particular seem to work for a lot of people.. steve terada did those and he said it helped him gain the muscle mass for his hops..

Q] im not flexible and i can't jump high, can i still throw tricks?
A] yeah! flexibility and jumping ability only help in your learning.. i think the most important thing is still technique.. flexibility and jumping ability come with time and practice, dont be thrown off just because you dont have them at the start..

Q] im a big guy, can i learn these tricks?
A] a lot of people ask me this question.. i think that while some people have bodies that just make it easier to learn kicks and others dont, being bigger than normal shouldn't stop you from learning. technique is probably the most important thing. theres some big people throwin tricks.. RJ who can 540, aerial, twist and handspring is about 5'11 and 220 pounds? and my instructor at west coast is like 6'2 and 220 and can throw 540, sideswipe, and backflip..!!

if theres more questions you'd like me to add then mail them to me and i'll add the popular ones..