[ website mission ]

the goal of me making this website was basically to help other martial artists and trickers learn moves, as well as to make "tricks" and such more well known.. the public mainly thinks of bruce lee, chuck norris and the such when "martial arts" is brought to mind.. this website is meant to show off some of the more flashy and acrobatic aspects of martial arts.. the shit you dont normally see in movies except on a few rare occassions.. jet li and mark dacascos movies are where you'll usually see tricks busted, but even then they're usually overdone with wires and such.. aside from that.. i learned my tricks from watching.. other people, movies, and TV shows.. there weren't any video clips of tricks around when i was learning, but the few that were around (on bilang for ex.) helped tremendously.. all the videoclips on this site are meant to help you learn.. everyone thinks if they goto a school like West Coast then its just easy to find people to teach you acrobatics.. not true at all.. so hopefully all my work here posting clips and shit has helped you people in one way or another learn and develop your moves.. so.. there you go..