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a jump spinning inside crescent kick (or tornado kick), jumping kicking and landing with the same leg

same as 540, but you hold in the actual 540 kick, turn another half rotation and throw out a wheel/crescent kick with your other leg

same as the 540wheel above, but instead of holding in the initial 540 kick, you throw it out, making it 2 kicks..
540 gyro

a 540, but spinning extra after the kick

a laid back or inverted 540. laid back meaning kicking vertically with your chest horizontal, and inverted meaning lunging your chest forward and kicking straight over it.. think flash kick..

a no-handed cartwheel
slant aerial

an aerial, but arching your back and landing forward, as if you were coming out of a forward walkover. a capoeira move..

the actual gymnastics term is "barani".. this is a roundoff with no hands..
aerial sideswipe

an aerial switching legs and landing on the jumping leg. by swinging your arms, bending your first leg and tweaking your back, you can create the illusion that this is an inverted 540 i.e. sideswipe..
butterfly twist

derived from a butterfly kick.. go into a butterfly kick but instead of having your 2nd leg follow the first, you bring your arms in and turn your chest over sideways, landing on the jumping leg

coming out of a butterfly twist and throwing a roundhouse with the leg on top

a butterfly twist but instead of doing the wushu setup and swinging your first leg up and back, you start like a gainer somewhat and swing it straight up. i first saw it in capoeira in 98..

butterfly twist landing on the 2nd leg (the one that kicks up first).. commonly used term, i think it originally meant the vertical, inverted butterfly twist, but since its easier to call that one an aerialtwist, i use this term for the 2nd leg twist..

an inverted butterfly twist. lunge your head forward as if you were going into a regular aerial.. stall and then twist. think a regular twist with a vertical aerial setup..

chris de vera's old move.. an aerialtwist but landing on the 2nd leg.. so its a sideswipe coming out of an aerialtwist..
doubletwist from 540 start

used to be called "cheat 720 twist" but no ones really called a name for it so im just calling it what it really is.. jump off like a 540, and twist roughly 1 1/2 times while you're laid back in the air.. a double but not quite.. since you're "cheating" a bit by jumping off like a 540..

also called doubleleg 540, double crescent, and misty. it's done like a laid back jump crescent kick, with your chest tilted up and your hips turned up, with both legs stuck together. made popular by eddy gordo in tekken 3..

a doubleleg, tucking your legs in.

a bio but extending one leg and landing facing back, making it look somewhat like a flashkick..
crescent singleleg

a doubleleg, bending the 2nd leg and keeping the first one straight.
540 singleleg

opposite of crescent singleleg.. bend the first leg and extend the 2nd leg so it comes out like a 540..
doubleleg scissor

ehh hard to explain.. a doubleleg that starts off with both legs crossed a bit, and they become uncrossed in the air while they scissor.. best to watch the clip
360 front

jump off as if you were gonna do a regular 360 crescent kick, but hold in the crescent kick and throw a front kick with the other leg..
crescent 540

brian go's trademark move.. starts off like a regular jump crescent kick, but throw in a 540 kick after the crescent kick..

720 wheel.. basically a jump 360 wheel kick with an extra rotation before the kick
720 double

kim do did this first but he actually doesn't have a name for it.. haha. a 720 like described above but with a crescent kick thrown in during the first rotation

spin twice in the air as if you were gonna throw a 720 wheel, but instead of throwing the wheel you throw a roundkick with your back leg..

first done by kim do.. a wheel kick after 3 rotations in the air..
kim do split kick

a lot of people will call this a "split doubleleg" but kim actually has no name for it.. not done like a doubleleg, but instead like a really high 360 front, extending both legs, and then leaning back afterwards, giving it the illusion that you invert
back tuck

a regular backflip.. jumping up, stalling, bringing your knees in, and flipping over.

a backflip keeping your legs straight. your body bkflis at your hips..

i can't give the perfect gymnastics defition, but this is basically a backflip with your body straight and laid out the whole time.. your back can be arched or "hollow" but you don't really bend at the hips as in a whipover..

called a "back layout stepout" in gymnastics.. just a backflip landing on one leg.. try to kick hard as if you had a target..

a backflip, extending your legs outwards in a v-shape in midair.. made popular by steve terada..
x-out flash

same as above, just throw in a flashkick after you x out..

self-explanatory! a backflip with a quartertwist.. so you land facing sideways relative to where you started

also called an arabian i think? jump facing one direction and land facing the other.

backflip with a full twist..

a backflip off one leg. usually you'll be running or moving forward while you throw your first leg up, so you usually travel forward a bit.. hence "gainer"
fulltwist gainer

gainer with a full twist..

hm.. think balled aerial off both legs.. your chest bends the same way as when you do that "side bending" stretch..
sideflip flash

sideflip flashing out your legs.. looks like some kind of high aerial/flash
side gainer

i saw hans da grasshopper do this.. a sideflip going the opposite direction that you are travelling.. throw the front leg up first and then go into it

a move i learned in capoeira through chimp.. really hard to explain.. its like a leaned back tornado kick, but all the action is in your chest. your chest twists as much as it can, before your legs do anything at all.. the weird effect of your legs is from your chest dragging them..also called "windex" by caleb madrid

i think this move is from wushu or kung fu.. you stand straight, and then fall onto your back, keeping your body straight. take the impact with your upper back and shoulders, since those are the strongest muscles in your back.. dont take the hit with the sides of your arms, thats cheating! haha